Ill now turn the call over to Somsak to review the quarter and year in more detail. Somsak Chivavibul Thanks Jack. Good morning everyone. During my prepared remarks, I will review both the quarterly and year-end results for 2016 that we recorded last night, as well as provide guidance for 2017. And Ill be referencing the earnings call presentation available on our companys website beginning with slide 4, which provides a summary of our core earnings. In the fourth quarter, we reported an adjusted core EPS of $0.47 compared to $0.48 in the fourth quarter of 2015. For the full year of adjusted EPS, we recorded a $1.89 compared to a $1.82 for 2015. Our fourth quarter adjusted operating expenses totaled $226 million versus $228 million from a year ago. During the fourth quarter, we transitioned $2.7 billion of Navient owned FFELP loans that were being serviced as a third party to Navient servicing platform.

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