CEO Brian Lee's Ideas Friday, December 2, 2016 Tweet Bam Venture Partners has started raising a second $30 million fund which it will use, in part, to invest in and incubate startup ideas thought of by Brian Lee, co-founder of the fund and chief executive of the Honest Co. of Playa Vista. What capital isnt used for the incubator will be invested in seed and early stage deals, similar to the sort of investments made by the first Bam Ventures fund, said Lee. The Playa Vista venture firms first fund was $6 million. We will be focused on what we know, said Lee. And, thats really commerce, social platforms, and software that enables commerce. The first fund made early stage investments in L.A.-area companies, such as salary comparison website Comparably, and discount discovery tool Honey.

The main difference with Public Storage failed attempt at this strategy was that they wouldn’t allow participants in the areas where they had Self Storage Centres. Business Valuation as a Management Tool A valuation is not only useful in the event that one is needed for the reasons listed above; my explanation it can also be an invaluable management tool for both strategic and tactical decision making. Although Chuck was convinced about the merits of Self Storage it was much more difficult to persuade the banks. Chuck like Bradley Hughes of Public Storage started off as a property developer and went into partnership with other property developers. Owning shares gives you the right to take part in the company decisions, though at what level can depend on how much stock you own. So while revenue multiples provide a valuable form of shorthand for financial professional it provides little meaningful insight to a company’s management.

They examine company performance and seek out the latest news to see what might affect their decisions. With his European roots Chuck made a very bold move in 1994 when he opened an office in Brussels, Belgium to look into the feasibility of opening Self Storage Centres across Europe. After the Public Storage attempted takeover Shurgard got back to matters at hand and proposed a “Partnership Scheme” which was in effect franchising the name and branding to existing Self Storage businesses across the country. It is naming babies after cities, rivers, countries and even continents. Owning stock can also have financial benefits. When the company does well and makes a profit, part of the profits are distributed among the shareholders in the form of dividends. With Public Storage still growing far quicker than Shurgard, Chuck took a leaf out of Bradley Hughes books by building up partnerships in order to speed up growth.